MyClip Palm

MyClips are coated with soft plastic so they won't scuff your Apple iPad or mar your screen protector. They work equally well with the iPad2 as the iPad.

  • Low profile clips
  • Clips are off active screen
  • Portrait or landscape
  • iPad or iPad2
  • Thumb Pads are great for gaming

The MyClip Palm is the easiest lightest way to securely hold your iPad or tablet computer.

Rubber like clips hold the edge securely while the soft neoprene strap gently holds your hand.

This unique device makes the iPad an extension of your hand that you will soon forget is there.

Clips are off active screen
apple ipad in landscape
Low Profile Clips  Portrait or Landscape
iPad or iPad2
Apple iPad accessory holding iPad2img.jpg
Apple iPad accessory holding
Apple iPad accessory holding