MyClip-GBoard2 (MKGB2)

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MyClip-GBoard2 (MKGB2)
MyClip-GBoard2 (MKGB2)
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Prototype. Not currently available. The MyClip-GBoard2 is designed for our high speed military customers. This updated version provides greater grip to keep you safe. 

Major design improvements  include:


  • Replacement of Nomex® fabric with Cordora® 1000 denier fabric 
  • Replacement of elastic leg straps with Webbing: nylon, military, 1 1/2", Mil-W-17337 
  • Addition of second leg strap 
  • Dual zippers to ease tablet installation and to remove zipper slide from wind blast
  • Additional reinforcement throughout


Although this product appears similar to our original MyClip-GBoard,  it is actually a ground up redesign based on the original concept. We have paid particular attention to the structural elements and reinforcing throughout.  


Pocket improvements:


  • Materials 
  • Two zipper design
  • Steel support rods at the top and bottom of the window
  • Reinforced tapes over internal stitching
  • Addition of nylon floor to help tablet slide into pocket
  • Heavy duty stitching throughout


Saddle improvements:


  • Complete redesign to incorporate 2 leg straps.  Our team played with many different configurations of this design.  Of note was that if the straps were placed at the ends of the tablet,  our short legged testers could not use the kneeboard.
  • Integral reinforcing Nylon, Binding Tape, military, Mil-T-5038, Type 3, 3/4” used to form a skeleton between legstraps and pocket.  Instead of the mesh being a structural element it now just covers the structure of the leg straps and this binding tape skeleton 
  • Binding tape used on all edges with single leading edge tape
  • Male end of buckles sewn into saddle
  • Heavy duty stitching throughout


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